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This blog is for all of you who don’t ever want to go without a £2.80 flat white and Diptyque candles ever again.

Hi everyone, I’m Siena and I have a spending problem. I have like 5 credit cards, a business loan I don’t want to think about, my phone was stolen last night by some vagabond criminal who is apparently smarter than me (but that’s a story for another day) and I’m sitting on my floor at 6am on a Saturday planning a holiday and wondering how to afford my next session with my favourite nail artist. It’s time for a change.

Some would call this a champagne lifestyle on a pauper’s income. Only I’m not a pauper… I’m living the ‘free-range’ life because I (also) don’t really like being told what to do and according to the Myers Briggs test they made me do at an interview (pffffft) I’m totally unmanageable.

So those are the things I have to live with…. And I’m a good person… honestly… I like to help people, probably too much.

The way I see it, you could save every spare penny, cut back on things like super expensive award winning cheese and trips to Planet Organic, which are not, technically life essentials…

Or, you could learn to spend smarter, earn more and be thrifty while thriving…


I’d like to share my journey to financial security with you, while doing what I love and living how I want because I don’t think life should be about compromises, OK, you compromise a bit, but there should always be room for £3 vitamin shot juices, flat whites, artisan salt beef sandwiches just cos and Sweaty Betty leggings in your life.  

This is a blog for free range people everywhere. The Thrifty Freelancer is a place for all those who believe in quality over quantity, who want to learn to spend smart not just less and the free-range humans, the round pegs in square holes, the unmanageable, encourageable, creative brains that make life more colourful.

Have a nosey around the site… and please follow me on Insta so I know I’m not the only crazy cook who really believes you can live thrifty and thriving.

Yours thriftily




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